Mr. Infinity

Hip Hop

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About Us

Born on November 9th, 1987 to Ramon Martin and Courtney Jones at UK hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. He later moved to Denver, Colorado and has not looked back since. Mr. Infinity, otherwise known as Will Martin, fish, killa, a-mart, stretch, Anthony etc.. has always been talented in a vast area of things but everyone knows him for a different reason. Whether its from playing high school, college or semi-pro football, or playing at Aurora Central where he was part of a team that went un-defeated three years in a row, or being captain of the speech and debate team, or the one who could smoke everyone in the 300m Hurdles without ever practicing, or the guy who had every beautiful woman in the Denver-Metro area, or maybe just the guy who joined the ARMY to defend his country... However, all of these names and reasons wouldn't mean much if he really wasn't talented and successful at all of these things. Mr. Infinity is similar to a chameleon, meaning he can adapt to any situation as if he was born ready.. "I have always felt as though anything someone else does, I can do the same thing, but even better. We are all human. Wayne won a Grammy, I feel like I can do that. Jay-z made it out the hood, why cant I? If these nig%*$ can battle why can't I. If my dad wasn't always there, why cant I always be there for my son?" That is just the way Infinity thinks. His abilities and capabilities are never ending, so whatever he does, its to the fullest...

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